SafeSpeed Systems

  • SafeSpeed’s wireless magnetic sensor system coupled with cutting edge algorithms accurately detect red light violations in both good and bad weather, 24 hours a day.
  • The sensors are small in size leading to a decrease in construction time.
  • The modular camera system allows the SafeSpeed system to be deployed at any approach, and can cover up to 10 lanes.
  • SafeSpeed Infrared LED Strobe light allows capture of violations at night without lighting up the intersection. The SafeSpeed system does not create a hazard to drivers on the road that can occur from typical visible light flashes.
  • An optional pairing with a cutting edge 3D Radar unit adds the ability to detect speeding violations.


SafeSpeed Systems

  • The SafeSpeed Computer System paired with the latest in camera sensor technology and image processing algorithms, allows the capture of license plates no matter the time of day, or weather.
  • The cutting edge image processing algorithms allow capture of full 6K video.
  • When SafeSpeed’s processes all of its data, whether from magnetic sensors or radar, the system captures all violations and attaches appropriate high resolution images, and video.
  • In the case of red light violations, the SafeSpeed camera captures a wide-angle image of the vehicle entering an intersection against a red light and another wide-angle image of the vehicle in the center of the intersection.
  • For both red light and speeding violations, the high resolution image is then cropped to provide a clear close-up image of the vehicle’s license plate in any environment.
  • SafeSpeed automatically superimposes the time, date, and location of the violation on each image. For speeding violations, the vehicle’s speed is also recorded on all images.
  • The pole-mounted SafeSpeed computer stores violation data and images, and then transmits the encrypted data to our data center.


Processing Flow:

  • A violation image review technician, employed by SafeSpeed, accesses the captured images stored at the SafeSpeed data processing center, using a standard Internet browser and a secure login through an encrypted VPN.
  • If the captured images are clear and the license plate number is legible, the incident is added to the law enforcement queue for review.
  • If your law enforcement personnel conclude that a traffic violation was committed, the license plate of the vehicle is sent to the corresponding agency for registered owner information retrieval.
  • SafeSpeed places the violation images on a secure page at the website it has set up for your community in order that the vehicle owner may review the images, the video and proceed to online payment if they choose.
  • SafeSpeed prints a violation notice, which contains color images of the violation, and mails it to the registered owner of the vehicle.
  • Recipients of photo-enforcement violation notices can refer to the FAQs page on the website set up for your community if they have questions.



  • Upon receipt of the violation notice, the vehicle’s registered owner can contest the citation or pay the fine by mailing a check or money order to the municipality’s lock-box. Registered owners may also pay by going to and using a credit card. Finally, one can call and make payment by check or credit card.
  • If the registered owner opts to pay the fine in person at your town hall, police station or in an administrative hearing, back-end account insures accurate books.
  • If the registered owner opts to contest his or her violation an administrative hearing system provided by the municipalities is supported by SafeSpeed.
  • Additionally, SafeSpeed will work with your collection agency and the State of Illinois to collect fines that were not timely paid.
  • SafeSpeed tracks all photo-enforced violation fines and penalty payments collected, and each month provides you with the total amount outstanding, along with a collection report.