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 Think SafeSpeed.

 Think Safety,


As the market leader, it is important to be a driving force in the advancement of Automatic Traffic Safety Systems. SafeSpeed’s mission is to develop and provide innovative technological solutions to age-old problems across our country’s roads and highways. The company’s success is driven by excellence in customer service, a core focus on small to mid-market municipality partnerships, and a commitment to bringing safety and safe driving practices to every community we serve.


Founded in 2007, SafeSpeed started with a goal to improve the safety of our roadways. Since then, we have grown to be amongst the leading provider of Red Light Camera technology in Northern Illinois.


- Nikki Zollar


Having survived a red-light running accident several years ago that left my then 86 year old mother-in-law in a body cast for close to a year, which took my daughter out of college to help me care for my husband’s mother, and, which plunged our entire family into a world of medical centers and litigation, I realized how important SafeSpeed’s products and services really were. Not only did I double down on my commitment to helping to keep our roads safe, I thought it equally important to support others who have suffered loss or injury because of red light runners.

So, with the help of many SafeSpeed staff, we founded a charitable organization which we named SafeLIGHT. SafeLIGHT encourages everyone to Love, Inspire, Give, Help and Trust as it partners with communities throughout Illinois to address the dangers presented by teen drivers, the challenges faced by our seniors and most importantly, to be there in support of accident victims and their families.

I encourage you to join in the fight against red light running.

When you Think Safety, Think SafeSpeed.




Numerous municipalities across Illinois
have chosen SafeSpeed to be their partner in traffic safety.*

*Based on Municipalities that are eligible for Red Light Camera Enforcement Systems

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