Red light crashes that result in injury or death are on the rise, outpacing all other kinds of traffic collisions. Crashes caused by motorists running red lights are more deadly and damaging than any other kind of intersection crash. Red light running crashes not only cause more injuries or take more lives, but also result in higher medical expenses, excessive property damage repair costs, increased insurance premiums, and lost productivity.

Research shows that the presence of cameras at intersections with traffic signals serves as a deterrent to red light running and reduces the number of crashes at intersections. Also, red light violations are more safely monitored and captured through the use of automated cameras than by requiring policemen to follow violating vehicles through red lights in order to issue tickets.

SafeSpeed's red light enforcement cameras capture high resolution, digital color images of vehicles entering intersections after traffic signals have turned red. By utilizing the SafeSpeed system, any community can provide an inexpensive way to equip its intersections with automated photo-enforcement of red light compliance.

SafeSpeed photographs:

Vehicles that blatantly disregard traffic signals, entering intersections against red lights.

SafeSpeed does not photograph:

  • Vehicles stopped at stop lines, crosswalks, or edges of Intersections
  • Vehicles that stop at intersections, then legally turn right (or left onto one-way streets) 
  • Vehicles in intersections after the light has turned red that are completing intersection traversal or making left turns
  • Vehicles that enter intersections yielding to emergency vehicles or funeral processions
  • SafeSpeed uses road-based sensor loops to detect vehicle movements at intersections. Movements are ignored until the signal turns red. After that, if a vehicle proceeds at or above 6 mph into the intersection, the SafeSpeed camera captures three digital images:
  • A wide-angle shot of the vehicle entering the intersection
  • A wide-angle shot of the vehicle at the center of the Intersection
  • A zoom shot of the vehicle's rear license plate


SafeSpeed records the date, time, and location of all images related to the vehicle, including the close-up of the vehicle's license plate. Because of the undeniable photographic evidence, most citations are not contested and, as a result, court costs are reduced.